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    Christmas came a week early for some children in the Omaha metro. Read the article.

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    We are at the fitness center helping people get fit almost every day of the week. Click below to see a list of our classes with schedules and pricing.

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    Between the variety of workout styles our staff offers, and the wide array of exercise "tools" at your disposal, there is no doubt that we will challenge your body in ways you couldn't imagine

    We employ a combination of industry standard workouts and some of our own creative drills to push your strength to the next level!

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About Warrior Fitness

Warrior Fitness, is a training center specializing in metabolic high-intensity workouts designed to produce extreme results. We aren't talking about Yoga classes with incense here. This isn't high tech running machines or space-age pulse monitors. This is fat-incinerating fitcamps and max-performance personal training guaranteed to transform your body.

Are you ready to discover what feats of strength your body is capable of?.

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I started training with Chet last summer for my offseason workouts and I quickly realized I was in the right place. His passion and innovation in regards to strength and conditioning are second to none. Heading into my 6th year in the NFL I have had the privilege of working with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches and doing my off season work with Chet and warrior fitness had me in the best shape of my career. His ability to motivate athletes, coupled with his knowledge of nutrition and strength training is what separates him from the rest. You can’t go wrong if you join the grind!
Zach MillerNFL Football PlayerChicago Bears


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  • Client testimonials. One of many good ones. Blessed to be doing what I love!
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  • Client testimonials. All of these let me know I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

    Appreciated Kendra!! @kenstauf
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    "I started training with Chet Fortune in January 2014 in an effort to better prepare myself to play women’s arena football. I was referred to him by a few teammates who had trained with him previously. I considered myself to be in fair physical condition at the time, as I had worked out 3-5 days a week in the gym for the past several years. Chet immediately took my training to a new level, using an individualized approach focused on speed, strength, and agility, skills I would most definitely need to improve upon before hitting the turf! I had never trained like this before, and although the workouts were extremely challenging, I could feel myself improving each session.

    In April 2014, I suffered a traumatic trimalleolar fracture of my left ankle during football practice. Surgery was the only option and resulted in 12 screws and a metal plate securing the broken bones. Intensive Physical and Occupational Therapy was recommended; however, I chose to work with Chet in an effort to rehabilitate my ankle. My entire rehabilitative progress, according to my Orthopedic Surgeon, was extremely ahead of schedule compared with similar injuries to mine.

    I have continued to train with Chet to date, currently 4 days weekly in personalized and small group training sessions. I am in, by far, the best shape of my life. I would’ve never attained my current physical level on my own. I have accomplished tasks, lifted weight, etc I never thought I would be capable of! My confidence level has increased and I have a love for fitness I never possessed previously.

    Chet’s ability to work with such a variety of clients is truly admirable. From professional athletes to those motivated to lose weight and improve physical health, he meets each client at their current level. I refer every friend, family member, etc to Warrior Fitness as I am truly confident there is no better training facility in Omaha!" #client #testimonials #warriorfitnesscenter #injury #entrepreneur #owner #personal #trainer #neversettle #fuckaverage