• 2nd Annual Coat Drive

    We are putting on our 2nd Annual Coat drive (with some local professional athletes) to raise enough money to provide coats for over 85 foster children.

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  • Our Classes


    We are at the fitness center helping people get fit almost every day of the week. Click below to see a list of our classes with schedules and pricing.

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  • Our Arsenal

    Between the variety of workout styles our staff offers, and the wide array of exercise "tools" at your disposal, there is no doubt that we will challenge your body in ways you couldn't imagine

    We employ a combination of industry standard workouts and some of our own creative drills to push your strength to the next level!

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About Warrior Fitness

Warrior Fitness, is a training center specializing in metabolic high-intensity workouts designed to produce extreme results. We aren't talking about Yoga classes with incense here. This isn't high tech running machines or space-age pulse monitors. This is fat-incinerating fitcamps and max-performance personal training guaranteed to transform your body.

Are you ready to discover what feats of strength your body is capable of?.

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Chet had contacted me a few years ago offering to train me at his new gym that just opened. As a professional athlete them, I was skeptical as I’d received many offers from so called personal trainers offering their services. A few years later after contemplating retirement, I watched Chet’s gym grow and couldn’t help but to notice the overwhelming positive comments on social media. With my career in limbo, I found myself out of shape for the first time in my life. Mentally and physically I was not where I wanted to be, so I connected with him. From day one we got right to work, creating a nutrition plan for me and holding me accountable. While playing in the NFL, I was afforded the op…
Kenny OnatoluNFL Football PlayerMinnesota Vikings